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07 Dec, 2023

RiverStone International recognised as a Great Place to Work™ for Women

We are proud to have been recognised as a Great Place to Work for Women. In this article Risk Director Amy Barber shares her experience. I started my RiverStone...

08 Nov, 2023

Celebrating Diwali – Festival Of Lights

At RiverStone we strive to foster an inclusive environment where we encourage and raise awareness of Inclusion and Diversity. One of our Inclusion and Diversity Group members, Natasha Carey,...

30 Jun, 2023

We are proud to support Pride Month

Although we may seemingly have come a long way forward with LGBTQ+ rights in the UK, sadly this is not the reality across the globe. Our London based...

08 Jul, 2022

RiverStone at the 10th Street League and CVC Challenge Victory Cup

On June 24th June RiverStone International participated in the 10th Street League & CVC Challenge Victory Cup in London in aid of Street League.

27 Jun, 2022

Continuing our commitment to offset energy usage

At the beginning of the year, we shared the news that we fully offset our 2020 energy usage. This milestone was possible also thanks to the collaboration with Climate...

18 May, 2022

IRLA 2022: 60 Seconds Interview with Luke Tanzer

The IRLA Congress returned to Brighton this week with a three-day event. As the Congress draws to a close, we caught up with Luke Tanzer, RiverStone’s CEO to get...

17 Feb, 2022

ESG Update: An important milestone

Like many firms, RiverStone International is concerned about its environmental impact and eager to do something about it. At the beginning of last year, we set ourselves the target...

11 Oct, 2021

We are proud to support Black History Month

What actions can we take both now and ongoing to help advocate for racial equality? Are we doing enough to be part of the solution?” Read more in ‘A...