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“Our people are our greatest asset. We constantly strive to create an inclusive environment where employees can flourish, are recognised and rewarded for their individual contribution and for great teamwork.”

Luke Tanzer, Group CEO

A shared commitment

RiverStone International has earned a place amongst the Great Place To Work’s UK’s Best Workplaces of 2023.

We moved from being a medium (51-250 employees) to a large (251-1000 employees) company and we successfully retained a place amongst the most highly recognised workplaces in the UK. As well as our fantastic ranking we have also been recognised as a UK’s Best Workplace™ for Wellbeing and as a UK’s Best Workplace™ for Women.

We believe that our people are RiverStone International’s greatest asset. We want to attract and keep the best people – those with ideas, ambition, talent, and the ability and desire to do something rewarding and meaningful in collaboration with other.

We all share a commitment to each other, to our work, and to all our stakeholders.

At RiverStone we believe that a diverse and inclusive workplace fosters innovation, creativity, and employee satisfaction. That’s why we have a variety of Employee Networks that cater to unique interests and needs.

Mental Health First Aider network

In September 2023 we launched a new well-being initiative, the Mental Health First Aiders (MHFAs) network, to complement the range of wellbeing benefits we already have in place. We are committed to promoting our employees’ health and wellbeing and we believe it is essential that we create a supportive workplace where everyone can thrive, which our MHFAs will significantly contribute to. These employees are passionate about reducing the stigma that is associated with mental health and normalising conversations around mental wellbeing.

MHFAs are available for informal and confidential chats, pointing colleagues in the right direction should they wish to seek external professional support or can assist if someone just needs support from within RiverStone. They act as a first point of contact for employees who are experiencing a mental health issue or emotional distress. Every MHFA has received mental health first-aid training through St John’s Ambulance.

Talk to me, I am a Mental Health First Aider

RiverStone: A great place to work

What we have learned about ourselves

“A fairly flat structure and respectful environment gives everyone responsibility and the confidence to be able to contribute to the overall success of the company.”

“Young people are genuinely given an opportunity to grow. I joined this company recently and I have been told how I can progress. There are opportunities here and where you can get to is amazing.”

“There are opportunities for all, and the ability to work in other areas which in other organisations may well be closed off.”

“Employee wellbeing is clearly important to the organisation and company is very keen to promote social interaction between the offices, with good benefits provided and regular social opportunities.”

“RiverStone genuinely cares about its people without which we wouldn’t have the successful company we have.”

“At RiverStone everyone matters.”

“It holds the best of the past and seeks the best for the future. The company gives great opportunities to start a new career.”

“I believe the company is striving to be an excellent place to work and is embracing initiatives to improve such as diversity awareness and the ecological footprint.”

“The company is always willing to lend an ear to improvements to business techniques and processes, and whenever a good idea is suggested it is soon implemented if able to.”

Source: Employees comments – Great Place To Work Survey 2022

Our business areas


Provides deal support and manages external relationships


Compiles accounting data and provides analysis to our stakeholders


Resolves claims fairly and cost-effectively for end customers


Manages billings and notifications and collects reinsurance funds


Evaluates liabilities, models capital requirements and assesses risk management strategies

IT and Facilities

Delivers all information and workflow systems alongside property services


Oversees transactional and commercial contracts, corporate governance and complex litigation

Human Resources

Manages every step of the employee journey from recruitment to training & development and recognition

Business Planning & Strategy

Managing our capital and providing strategic data to the business


Implements the group investment strategy and manages the investment portfolios

Risk and Compliance

Supports the business in ensuring it operates in line with applicable laws, regulation and internal policies. Ensures business risks are understood and managed. 

Giving back

We believe in helping others

Our values around collaboration, hard work, fun, family, and personal growth mean we are active with others outside the confines of business. In fact, these traits help shape all of our relationships, including those with the communities we live and work in, across the UK.

RiverStone goes beyond compliance and corporate responsibility mandates by how we fulfil our support as a business and as individuals. For example, it’s our policy to match employee charitable contributions and to make time available to support others in our communities.

“I applaud the company’s altruistic approach to the wider society and charities.”

RiverStone employee

The employee experience

Our goal is to hire, retain and develop the best people – those who are skilled, knowledgeable, and motivated with a strong work ethic and a desire to grow and learn. We offer all our employees very competitive packages.

We empower our employees

  • We create an environment where industry professionals can flourish and are continually developing to achieve their full potential.
  • We engage, involve, and empower Employees and promote a high degree of accountability.
  • We encourage and inspire strong, fair, and consistent leaders who influence our industry.

We look after each other

  • We are caring and responsible, placing great emphasis on the welfare of our people.
  • We provide comprehensive health, financial, and well-being benefits.

We live our culture

  • We support charitable giving with a corporate triple-matching programme that instils pride in what RiverStone does in our communities.
  • We provide various approaches to support work-life balance by enabling the pursuit of personal development, continuing education, professional accreditation, volunteering, wellness education and fitness.

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