If you wish to sell a portfolio, restructure your account or transfer a business to a run off specialist, the RiverStone Europe group will provide competitive terms and excellence in delivering your preferred transaction structure. We are absolutely committed to protection of your brand and reputation and have a track record of successful completion with our respected and market leading acquisition partners.

Our Managing Director, Luke Tanzer, would be delighted to respond to your enquiry. His contact details are:

Luke Tanzer
Managing Director
RiverStone Insurance (UK) Limited
Park Gate
161-163 Preston Road
Brighton BN1 6AU

Tel. +44(0)1273 792238

If you would prefer to contact us by e-mail please use:

Our experience

  • The RiverStone Europe group has a proven track record in the completion of run-off transactions across a range of classes of business and portfolio sizes.
  • We own 2 run-off companies that are regulated by the FCA and PRA and have the required regulatory licenses and approvals to acquire and manage insurance and reinsurance run-off portfolios.
  • We have dealt effectively with legacy books and latent disease exposures as well as entire company transfers including current year insurance exposures.
  • We have Lloyd’s syndicates under management within our own Managing Agency and (re)insurance companies in to which business can be transferred.
  • We have completed 9 portfolio transfers in the last 5 years with portfolios ranging from $30 million to $1.7 billion in the period using a variety of transfer mechanisms, including company purchase, transfers under Part VII of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (“FSMA”) and reinsurance contract arrangements.
  • We manage portfolios of both direct and reinsurance business including Lloyd’s, London Market and European portfolios.
  • We were one of the first groups in the London market to use Part VII of FSMA as a means to consolidate and streamline balance sheets and remove complex counterparty relationships resulting from past underwriting agency agreements.
  • We are also one of only two English groups to obtain recognition of a transfer under Part VII of FSMA in the US courts and one of the first to transfer and consolidate cross border (EU) companies.
  • We have extensive experience of working with regulators and lawyers in a wide range of jurisdictions.

Our financial strength

  • The RiverStone Europe group currently manages approximately $1.5 billion in gross liabilities through our offices in Brighton, London and Darlington and has assets of $2.2 billion and a surplus in excess of $700 million (values as at December 2014).
  • The RiverStone Europe group’s ultimate parent company is Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited. Fairfax is the holding company of a multi-billion dollar, highly rated insurance group - as of 31 December 2014, Fairfax had total assets in excess of $36 billion and shareholders’ equity in excess of $9.7 billion. In addition, Fairfax has a market capitalization in excess of $10.5 billion.

Our commitment:

  • We will treat your business with the utmost respect and your transaction in complete confidence.
  • We will provide a fair price for transactions and will work diligently to deliver the structure you require within a professional project management framework.
  • We will treat your staff and customers fairly.
  • We are committed to the timely payment of valid claims.
  • We are proactive and handle complex matters under our management in the best interests of our stakeholders, in which we include our policy holders, regulators and all associates.
  • The significant financial strength and stability of our business, group and parent company, Fairfax Financial Holdings Limited, ensures that there will be no reputational risk to you in engaging with us in respect of your run-off requirements.