Our teams strive to handle claims efficiently, control costs and communicate effectively with all parties involved.

How we work

A direct team of more than 100 claims professionals, responsible for Lloyd’s and Company Market Claims

Available to engage with you 24/7, 365 days a year.

We promote a one-team approach to negotiate responsibly and pay valid claims quickly.

Strong, long-lasting relationships with the market-leading brokers, coverholders, adjusters and solicitors around the world. 

Over the last decade we have protected our insureds, and paid out $6.9 billion in claims.

Our Claims Portfolios

RiverStone International manages portfolios for and on behalf of the following underwriting businesses and syndicates:

RiverStone EntityOriginal Business NameHigh Level ScopePrior Owner / Agency
RiverStone Insurance LimitedBrit Insurance LimitedAll BusinessBrit Group
RiverStone Insurance UK LimitedEagle Star Insurance Company limited The General Insurance Business of he “Eagle Star” Companies Zurich 
Home & OverSeas Insurance Co Limited 
City of London Insurance Company Limited 
Eagle Star Hospitalisation France 
Riverstone Insurance UK Limited Axa Insurance UK PLC  Claims 2014 & Prior Employers and Public Liability Claims for Axa, including predessessor companies, Caledonian Insurance (1805 – 1957) Guardian Assurance (1902 – 1968) Guardian Royal Exchange (1968 – 1999) Hodge, General & Mercantile Insurance (1971 – 1981) Legal and General (1950 – 1996) Provincial Insurance (1903 – 1998) Royal Exchange (1720 – 1968)AXA
Riverstone Insurance UK Limited Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Company Reinsurance Contracts of ANDIADI Japan
Riverstone Insurance UK Limited Sphere Drake Insurance Limited Business written 1975 – 1985Fairfax
Riverstone Managing Agency Limited Syndicate 3500Syndicate 21993-2002 RITCKingsmead
Syndicate 49 1993-1995 RITCNon Marine Kingmead
Syndicate 1871993-2002 RITCKingsmead Energy
Syndicate 1891993-1994 RITCKingsmead
Syndicate 2711993-2000 RITCKingsmead /Pearson
Syndicate 3491993 RITCCrowe Syndicate management limited
Syndicate 3701993 RITCAlleghany
Syndicate 376 1993-2001 RITCAlleghany
Syndicate 5061993-2001 RITCKingsmead
Syndicate 5071993-2001 RITCKingsmead
Syndicate 5351993-2001 RITCCotesworth & Co Limited
Syndicate 5381993-1998 RITCCotesworth & Co Limited
Syndicate 7802018 and prior RITCAdvent
Syndicate 8601993 RITCHolman Managed Syndicates Limited
Syndicate 8641993 RITCHolman Managed Syndicates Limited
Syndicate 10191993-1995 RITCClaremount Underwriting Agency Limited
Syndicate 10381993-1995 RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 1183 1993-1999 RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 12002017 and prior RITCArgoGlobal
Syndicate 12041994-1999 RITCCrowe Syndicate Management Limited
Syndicate 12071996-1999 RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 18612020 and prior LPTCanopius Managing Agents
Syndicate 18972018 – 2019 RITCSkuld
Syndicate 1980 Pioneer2019 and prior RITCLiberty and Asta/Talsen
Syndicate 2001 2018 and prior RITC
2019 and post LPT
MS Amlin
Syndicate 2014 Pembroke2019 and prior RITCHamilton
Syndicate 2015 Channel2017 and prior RITCChannel / SCOR Managing Agency
Syndicate 21122007-2009 RITCRenaissanceRe Syndicate Management Limited
Syndicate 21831996-1998 RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 23761996-1998 RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 2468 Neon2020 and prior RITCTalbot Underwriting Ltd
Syndicate 25061996-1997 RITCKingsmead
Syndicate 2987 Brit2020 and prior LPTBrit 
Syndicate 3210 MS Amlin2016 and prior RITCAmlin
Syndicate 33302009 RITCCoverys Managing Agency
Syndicate 40002018 and prior RITCHamilton
Syndicate 44442020 and prior LPTCanopius
Syndicate 44722005-2018 LPTLiberty Mutual 
Syndicate 51512007-2020 RITCSompo International
Syndicate 1991 (DTW1991)2013-2020 RITCCoverys Managing Agency
Syndicate 1910 2008-2020 RITCAriel Re
Riverstone International Ireland DAC
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Zurich Insurance PlcMedical malpractice up to 2012, GermanyCatalina Insurance Ireland DAC
HSBC Insurance (Ireland) LtdCredit protection up to 2009, ItalyCatalina Insurance Ireland DAC
Quinn Insurance Ltd. (Under Administration)Motor up to 2012, UKCatalina Insurance Ireland DAC
Quinn Insurance Ltd. (Under Administration)Employers Liability up to 2012, UKCatalina Insurance Ireland DAC
Quinn Insurance Ltd. (Under Administration)Professional Indemnity up to 2012 UK, Germany, Belgium, HollandCatalina Insurance Ireland DAC
HSBC Insurance (Ireland) LtdMotor, Property, School fees up to 2010Catalina Insurance Ireland DAC

*E & OE – Businesses Under Riverstone Management as at 30th June 2023. Cover and acceptance are verified through the notification and claims process

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