Board Diversity Policy


This Policy covers RiverStone Insurance (UK) Limited (“RIUK”), RiverStone Managing Agency Limited (“RSMA”) and RiverStone Management Limited (“RSML”) collectively known as (“the UK regulated entities”). This Policy is designed to promote diversity among board members.

Overall policy

We aspire to maintain Boards in which a diverse range of skills, knowledge and experiences are combined in an environment which values the input of every director. Due regard will therefore be given to this when identifying and selecting candidates for Board appointments. We strive for Boards which reflect diversity in the broadest sense to embrace different perspectives and dynamics without compromising on the caliber of individual directors. We believe that such an environment is vital to ensuring we achieve our goals as a business and a broad strategic perspective.

The UK regulated entities will always be mindful of the benefits of diversity and will actively consider diversity when attracting and securing talented individuals to help us deliver our objectives.


This policy will be reviewed and assessed periodically but at least every two years by the Executive Risk & Compliance Director and Company Secretary to ensure that it remains appropriate and reflects any legal or regulatory developments and/or changes in business processes.

The Compliance Department maintains oversight of the overall documentation process.

Document Versions

DateVerStatusAuthorReason for change
12/02/20180.1DraftJamie StaceyInitial draft, reviewed by LRT ready for board approval
06/03/20181.0ApprovedJamie StaceyReviewed and approved by RIL, RIUK, RSMA, RSML & RHL Boards
14/08/20191.1ReviewJane Macleod / Jamie StaceyChecked out for annual review. JS review with no changes required. JM – minor formatting and job title changes. Introduction updated in line with documentation project.
12/11/20192.0ApprovedIan HewittApproved by the boards of RHL, RIUK, RSMA & RSML
24/09/20213.0ApprovedJamie StaceyOnly changing to branding and entities covered (RIUK, RSMA, RSML)