23 June 2022

Following the approval from the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA), RiverStone Holdings Limited can confirm that it has completed on the acquisition of ArgoGlobal Holdings (Malta) Ltd and its subsidiary, ArgoGlobal SE (“AGSE”). In additional, it should be noted that the AGSE name has changed to RiverStone Insurance (Malta) SE (“RMSE”)

Our key operational contacts are:

Bank Account Details

In so far as making payments to RMSE, formerly AGSE, then please update the bank account name to “RiverStone Insurance (Malta) SE” and continue to use the existing bank account numbers.


If you have complaints handling authority from RMSE, formerly AGSE, then please process complaints received as they are currently processed. The only exception is that any final responses, where you currently handle complaints, should be sent to complaints@rsml.co.uk for review and agreement prior to issuance.

If you do not handle complaints, then please forward all communications at the earliest opportunity to the same email address.

Financial Sanctions  

If you are paying claims, compensation, or making other financial transactions on behalf of RMSE, formerly AGSE, then please continue to ensure that all transactions are reviewed in line with EU, HMT, OFAC and United Nations financial sanctions requirements and that no payments are made in contravention of these. If you have any matches, or require further guidance, then immediately email compliance@rsml.co.uk on how to proceed.