Corporate Responsibility

RiverStone Holdings Limited and each of its subsidiaries, including RiverStone Insurance (UK) Limited, RiverStone Insurance Limited, RiverStone Management Limited and RiverStone Managing Agency Limited (the “RiverStone Europe Group”) is committed to maintaining our high standards of ethics and business conduct and we do not accept any form of bribery or corruption.

We do not, and we do not allow our employees or anyone acting on our behalf to give, offer, receive or agree to any bribe or facilitation payment and we place restrictions on the giving or receipt of corporate hospitality or gifts.

If we discover evidence of bribery or corruption we will report it to the appropriate authorities.

Anyone who is employed by, or who acts for or on behalf of, a company in the RiverStone Europe Group is prohibited from:

  • offering or accepting a bribe;
  • authorising, giving or receiving a facilitation payment, improper payment or other benefit to any person or entity (including a public official) in order to obtain an advantage for any company in the RiverStone Europe Group or to induce them to do something corrupt; or
  • acting in any way that may induce or facilitate someone else to be in breach of this policy.