At the beginning of the year, we shared the news that we fully offset our 2020 energy usage.

This milestone was possible also thanks to the collaboration with Climate Impact Partners, supporting one of their projects, The Aqua Clara Water Filters in Kenya.  

Today we are pleased to announce that as part of our continued commitment to make a positive impact on climate change, we fully offset our 2021 energy usage by supporting the Clean Water and Cooking project in Guatemala.

As over half of rural Guatemala does not have access to safe water, harvesting wood for boiling water is a major cause of deforestation. On top of the health risk of indoor smoke, many women and children must spend their time gathering fuel.

The carbon finance allows the project to offer interest-free loans with no upfront cost so families can begin to save on fuel cost immediately. Together, the water filter and efficient cookstove can reduce a household’s fuel consumption and emissions by over half. The Ecofiltro ceramic filer is made locally of clay and sawdust; the project employs hundreds of people in local production and distribution.

Through this project we have offset our energy use for 2021 based on the independent assessment of CO2 emissions produced by Coral Energy. RiverStone International is now looking to make further advances with energy sustainability to further limit its environmental impact and support more projects such as these.

We are on track to have a comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) policy in place by the end of the year and we look forward to updating you on progress over the coming months.